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USAAF Rubber Flying Over Boot - Questions

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I would like to find out if these Rubber Over Boots were used generally by Aircrew, also what specification or reference number they came under. I bought them many years ago and somewhere along the way I found an image of a similar pair being worn, by a Pilot I think, during WW2. I had thought they were more in keeping with ground crew, but would appreciate comment and opinion. Also wonder if they are common or scarce?



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The shoes on the pictures are A6 boots.


I don't really what you have there but the shoes you have are post ww2. And the zipper is a modern Japanese zipper. "YKK" doesn't exist during ww2

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I think someone's been busy with a USAAF property stamp! :)

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Very interesting, I certainly never considered the YKK Zip being post-WW2. Seemingly started in Japan in 1934 and the name YKK first registered as a Trade mark in 1946. Also never thought of fake Army Airforce stamps either. The image I posted may well be A6 Flying Boots, but they seemed higher than the A6. Now I am pondering just what these boots really are, clearly some age and made in USA? Image attached of the inside of the Zipper.


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Look to have solved this with some Google searching. "Servus Boots 13" waterproof rubber Overshoes T315 $68". So definitely modern boots faked to be Army Airforces. Rather than dump them, with snow about, may actually be of some use!



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The modern boot shown isn't the same as the one in the original post. Certainly similar but the different tread pattern and differences with the lower part of the boot itself.


YKK-USA opened in 1960s so clearly these boots are no older than that -- exception would be if the zips are replacements.


Servus boots have been around for close to 100 years so I wouldn't be surprised if they were involved in WW2-era production (not this pair though). The boot style shares many similarities with USN flight boots and RCAF also used a similarly styled quasi-A-6 rubber/leather boot.


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The rubber boots used in WWII were designated Type A-9. The pair shown originally do not look like period A-9's. Origninals are wool lined with a sheepskin ring interiorly at the top. The exterior appearance is different, too, and the soles are flat. Originals are uncommon, and the zippers tend to fall out, since they were only glued in.







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