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Need help locating info on Army Nurse

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I am assuming this set of dog tags are from an Army Nurse. I am hoping someone will be able to help me find out something about her. The tags came from Oklahoma City with a Red Cross WWII Nursing Service Student Reserve ribbon and there were 2nd Lt and 1st Lt bars in the grouping.

The tags read as follows:



N-774447 T45 B




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I don't know if you still have these dog tags and are still interested but I found something on the newspapers.com website. I don't have a subscription to read the entire article but this information showed up when I did a google search on "edna c thompson" WWII nurse


"Lt. Edna C. Thompson was (discharged from the 'Army i (Nurse corps April 6, .... Bronze Battle Star, one overseas service bar and World war II Victory Medal."


Looks like she served overseas which is very cool! I also read where the ANC pulled nurses from the Red Cross which is why she would have the Red Cross student ribbon.






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