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Question about a Jacket from a newbie.


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I'm new to these forums and made an acount becuase I have a question about a Jacket that I got as a present back in 1997.


Back then I did some trading with a pilot who was flying for the 492nd Madhatters 48th fighterwing stationed at Lakenheath UK.

Thrue the years our contact has been lost an I have no idea where he is at the moment.


What I would like to know is if the jacket has any worth to collectors. I have changed hobbies since then and the jacket is just hanging in my closset, someone else might be more happy with it then me.


Since I don't know how to post pictures I'll try and discribe the jacket.


Its a blue jacket with the following informatioin on the inside label.


Jacket, Flyer's Cold Weather

Type CWU-45/p


(MA2) size large

CAB 88-8426

Stock No: 210495-1549-63750

Contract No: 1549

Cobles Clothing Division


The jacket is darkblue and has custom stitching on the back picturing the shape of England with three arced arows comming from the location of Lakenheat in the three collors of the squadrons in the 48th fighter wing, blue, gold and red.


On top of the shape of England is also a very nice stiched frontview of a F-15-e


Above the England stiching it says (also nicely stiched) Liberty Wing.

Under the England shape it says R.A.F. Lakenheath.


On the left front of the jacket it says. 48th fighter wing (also stiched on the jacket).

On the right front is a patch from USAFE

On the left sleeve there is a patch of the 492nd fighter squadron

On the right sleeve there is a black/silver F15-E patch with the text RAF Lakenheath on top and 492nd Madhatters on the bottom. There also a small picture of the left sleeve patch inside the right sleeve patch.


The Jacket comes with a removable fur collar also in blue.


If someone can tell me how to post pictures then I surely will try, or maybe the jacket has no worth at all and not worth the trouble.


I hope someone can help me, it would be much appreciated.

Sorry for any spelling errors, I live in the Netherlands.

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