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My Uncle's story

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Hi guys, I just wanted to share the story of my Uncle, who passed suddenly but peacefully in April of this year.

Thomas Lawrence Kidd was a 15 year old (yes he lied about his age) seaman on the USS KM Willet, and president of the D.E.S.A for many years. He told me a story about the time his crew found an abandoned ship with a shiny, but broken, ice cream machine. The tech-savvy crewmen aboard decided to fix it up and have some nice vanilla ice cream, their first in years! When all the sailors settled in the mess hall, ice cream on the trays, not one bite was taken before an alarm went off and everyone went to battle stations, my uncle was the operator of the radar. As it were, the Japanese planes were out of distance of the ships guns, and the sailors soon returned below deck. When they arrived at the mess hall, every drop of ice cream was melted and on the floor! Not only that, but the supply was also depleted, and what was left was melted and, you guessed it, on the floor. They never did get their ice cream.

I hope you enjoyed his story as much as i did, and thank you for reading, attached are some pictures of my uncle.





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