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First off, I am only recently getting into collecting uniforms, so my knowledge is very limited on this. I mainly focus on dog tags and helmets. I purchased a great grouping from a forum member belonging to a 5th infantry regiment officer who was awarded two bronze stars in WWII and the Silver Star in Korea. It consisted of all the decorations and insignia you see in the pictures. Basically I felt bad that these were hidden away in a drawer so I decided to spruce up a Korean era 6th Army Ike I also purchased from a forum member. I couldn't really find a good site detailing the layout of insignia and decorations on Ike jackets so I set up everything from memory. What do you guys think? My main concern is the placement of the 5th infantry DI's. Also, the bronze star ribbon isn't pictured because it didn't have any pins, I think it came off of a ribbon rack. Sorry for the grainy pictures,




Looking to buy US dog tags, any era. Contact me and let me know what you have!

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Here's an online guide that will help you out with placement of the insignia, which you have in the right places (or almost), but aligned incorrectly.




For the insignia on the shoulder straps, it should be pointing down towards the sleeve, not forward.


Happy Holidays,


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