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Para wings relic


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I knew where the site was from the beginning, and kept out of this discussion for a reason:


These findings were done near the US Cemetery Henri Chapelle in Belgium on a former GRS location. Eversince I heard about these findings, I've been trying to convince the finders to do the right thing with these items. They are to important to end up in someone's attic or on ebay. There were almost 300 dogtags....

If you guys are interested I can post some pictures of the findings, it will blow your socks off. Anyway, the guy who has these items refuses to donate the items to a local museum or hand them over to the US authorities or next of kin. He rather keep them and show them off to his friends.

I've been in contact with the US Embassy in Belgium and the ABMC, but it looks to me that they don't give a lot about these items, so sad to see.


These items are now with the finder as far as I know. I still have a few trick up my sleeve to make sure that eventually these items end up in a place were they belong, but if any one of you have a good idea or (Government) contact to help me out, please let me know.

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Originally, I recall that this thread was started because someone had a para badge to show. After that, it became something less important to the wing badges forum and more relevant to another forum that was more pertinent? I don't even see the original pictures that started this thread. Its interesting but...

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Wow these finds are incredible, i dont think i have seen or heard of this amazing of a US dump site found !! Some beautiful pieces in there. Cetainly a historic find ! Being mostly likely all KIA related items i can't even imagine the value there. But really just amazing history !

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Lady and Gentlemen Collectors, if you please,

Though these belongings are from the deceased of a furious battle that occurred in the recent past, I do not find this ghoulish or as stated previously as "grave robbing" unless human remains are encountered among this find and unreported to the authorities which is reprehensible.

What I see in these relics are the lost dreams, The unfulfilled poets and authors, the architects, engineers,cobblers,blacksmiths,the simple farm boy who had never been more than 50 miles from home.

That is what lays there.

The simple dreams of a person long gone now. Who took it upon himself, willingly or not to serve his country to the best of his ability. And gave all that he had to do so.

Don"t vilify the finding of his place in time, or the reason for his presence there. For his time and place are different from the world we live today.

Just a thought on the subject,


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My line of thinking was how do I explain the Garbo tag ?


We don't even know if he was wounded or not.


Why is his tag there ?


If you can send me a pic of the Garbo tag in question, I might be able to unravel this for you.

Came across some new material recently that may or may not prove helpful...worth a try??

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