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1918 The Service and Its Insignia

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Thanks Sarge!


Good clear pictures of the BB&B insignias are always a plus!




CHRIS and JIM: Taking clear pictures is not all that hard if someone really tries to not get to far away from the insignia they want to photograph or not too close or at an angle or the lighting is not right and the photograph most of all be centered - you'd think this is simple enough, wouldn't you? Books were created on how to take good pictures, but its all basic! Its like algebra, if you know the rules, the rest is drill! Bailey, Banks, & Biddle Co., they seem to have moved away from making military insignia since 1945? I'm almost sure they also had a hand in making the original Medal of Honor medals in 1863 and passed it on to Tiffney? They made some nice miniature medals, have often wondered in medal collectors collect their miniatures according to the manufacturers like BB&B? Thanks again, if you get a different issue of BB&B and we'll scan it properly.! :rolleyes: Sarge Booker




Herbert Booker









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