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Tiger Stripes Part II

Bob Hudson

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Hey guys,


Got this one as well. This is Thai Tiger right?

Do you guys know anything more about this? It is made like a classic jungle uniform.



thai tiger set Gauthier.jpg

thai tiger set Gauthier 2.jpg

thai tiger set Gauthier 3.jpg

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First saw this suit about 10 years ago and was hoped that some day our paths would cross...... thanks to Bob at Vintage Productions they finally have. 


Its a really well made copy of a K2B - looks like one was disassembled for the zips. The fabric is quite unique, I have never seen this before. Its the VNMC early war pattern scaled down to about 70% of original size. Its high quality print on polished poplin exactly line the early VMNC uniforms. 


Interested to know if any one else has come across anything similar




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I looked at this suit at Bobs also it’s a one of a kind Japanese tailor made suit.

Okinawa was a busy place mid 1960s turning out some beautiful pieces of art.

Great score and good to see it went to a good home.


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Finally after all these years. 

I got my first tigers, i think it’s Silver Pattern and will fades to silver (Japanese made)

The condition is pretty clean 

Size stamped A-M, exposed single button. 

Any comment please let me know, i’m still learning also. Thank you!!


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Cap Camouflage Pattern I


Staff Sergeant Alvin J. Rouly of Spring Lake North Carolina, a member of Special Forces, supervises a Civilian Irregular Defense Group Trainee firing a M-79 grenade launcher at 3rd Mobile Strike Force Command, Camp Trảng Sup, Tây Ninh, 30 February 1967. Official US Army Photo by Specialist 5 Robert C. Laofoon, Department of the Army Special Photographic Office Pacific Detachment.

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These were sold to me about 3 yrs ago as repros. Based on what I have seen sell people like these with the size mark in the box, JWD pattern mid weight fabric old style hama zipper, edge of buttons shaved.,you guys can let me know thumbs up or thumbs down. thanks Matt





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I swear when the guy showed them to me he said they were repros, They are big and fit me. I looked at some other info there is supposed to be an inspection tag on the waistband, whoever had these didn't like that and popped the thread on the waistband and took the tag out., oops! one shot with button detail.



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