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Tiger Stripes Part II

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hello, i have a friend he bought this ts shirt just for fun.


who know this pattern and who reproduced this in which year?








i would say this tiger pattern is:



"model 76 SVN"



if the south wins the war, they would issue this pattern




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Thought I'd post another set for your Monday morning....


The pants I've owned since 1981. I have a photos of me (somewhere) wearing these (circa 1984) while in the USMC. Not on duty or anything, but just being a pouge around base. They were extended about 3-4 inches at the cuffs long before I bought them. The shirt was added later - late 1990's. The arm pocket is the two button type as well as the small pocket on the leg.


It's just been my experience, but it's harder to find faded/well used tigers. They must of gotten tossed or worn out painting the house and doing yard work when the guys returned home.


I think these colors are cool... Thanks for looking.





Pocket on the arm - two button

















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Hello all,


Here some of the TS I hauled since the end of summer, many got in France thrift stores :D


1st is an M58 Classic Tiger shirt, this is an uncommon cut, usually seen with the silver (or Tadpole) pattern, this one is made in early classic Tiger (the one which faded to purple, not to silver). Unlike the M58 USMC shirt, this one doesn't have inside chest pocket


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That is a stunning shirt .

Very very nice , mature pattern colors in every way !!!!





Thanks Owen, very happy with these uncommon shirt, not even mentionned in Johnson book :P


You haven't answered my about the flight suite

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