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Tiger Stripes Part II

Bob Hudson

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Owen that is a killer, guess we should shown mine out of Green Berets, with the collar stays in it.......



Same uniforms were used for numerous productions. Films back then weren't like today were the productions keep most of the uniforms or sell them off. After the movie was done must stuff got returned to rental house and sent out on another production later.

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This is my first post since joining this week. I recently got this PRU patched late war tiger on a heavy weight fabric named to a Dickson. I gather he was an Advisor or a CIA operative with the Provincial Reconnaissance Unit. I'm thinking an Advisor as it's a really small sized shirt for an American. I know late war they were actively recruiting shorter gents as not to stand out when with ARVN troops.

I was wondering what the TST stands for or if anyone knows anything about this Dickson fellow?

I haven't been able to find any info on TST attached to PRU or with any reference to the Vietnam War.


attachicon.gifphoto(1).JPG attachicon.gifphoto(2).JPG


Matt,NICE PRU Tiger stripe shirt.

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SOG RT Mamba


about of Dickson PRU Tiger stripe shirt;a posibility is,the full name of veteran,Tommy Dickson,SEAL Team One,KILO Platoon (13 Jul.1970 - 9 jan.1971).






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That's not him.

This answer also didn't meet my demands or expectations, lol.

You should copy and paste the info about SEALS and PRU from the utility shirt thread here. Some possibilities/reasoning as to why it's not without giving away any trade secrets.

Don't worry I got you.

Here's what Spike said........

He would not been a PRU advisor, that is a separate billet and operate separate from a SEAL plt but they HAVE done ops with them. PRU advisors were usually 2nd class petty offices and above and had to go through Speciall Operations training before becoming an advisor.

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the same prop uniforms were used in both films?


As Bob said

The uniforms were rented to productions and returned then re hired.

Principal actors of had their own cut and sew.

But these also get mixed in........

Just like the special APOC now set I have.


I was in a Prop house ISS last week for instance and seen uniforms that were used in some scenes in FURy.

I was surprised to see the old friends but goes to show items travel and get re used.


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Was just gifted this jacket by a long-time friend, who was its original owner/wearer. He was a recon scout for 6/31. My first tiger stripe. Not really my area of expertise, so any of you that can tell me type, style, etc. would be interesting to learn. Thanks!



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I met this veteran and bought two sets of light weights from him 1979 or 1980


.Several years ago traded off one set.He is shown wearing one of the sets and also holding an RPK in the other photo.


The trousers were repaired(both sets) with ERDL camo fabric.









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SOG RT Mamba

Sheen,use in Apocaypse Now,Silver Tiger stripe pattern,or with others words, John Wayne Dense JWD Tiger stripe pattern.

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Looking for some help ID'ing the pattern. Bottoms look to be silvers with gold to let out the waist/legs. Shirt... I've got no idea but looks to have the sale silver as bottoms to let out the mid section under each arm. These came from the vet who said he bought them in Pleiku in '68-69. Any input is welcomed. Thanks





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