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Tiger Stripes Part II

Bob Hudson

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Having John Stryker Meyer's TS boonie in one's collection is truly stunning, thank you for sharing.

I also love that TS Apron, this is something I have been thinking of reproducing for a long time for the time I spend in the kitchen.

Thank you all for sharing your amazing collections :)

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Wow, there's some really nice tigers here!


I'm sure all "Tigers" have value to them... and jungle jackets are probably the most sought. How about bathing suits or shorts?

Here's one that I just got. I'm sure the repairs and wear on this one is going to bring down the value a bit.

They're a bit faded and has a repair or two to them. I folded back the seam on the leg to show the fade. Looks like a mid-weight fabric but very soft to the touch, almost like flannel.








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Lightweight with nam made tapes US Ssi

Looks like it's been washed a few times and patches are bedded into shirt.

Mill owner called me up and told me he had something right up my alley while I was touring monument valley last weekend.

I got there this morning and was pleasantly surprised


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Here's the full shirt

See how the chest pockets are not even ?

The name tapes look wonky but are lined up to the pockets NOT each other

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Badged up tigers is what I love to collect

They are hands down some the hardest thing to get from the war.

Here's a nice been there done that example that's been in my collection for some time and only now am getting around to posting

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The myth that collectors have of suits being perfectly matched in wash-pattern-cut is just that.

Suits were worn mis-matched a lot of the time like this.

I have seen numerous sets like this with odd tops and bottoms matched up.

In Nam collecting it's the norm.

Matching suits do happen but not as often as one would expect

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Manly, bold and stylish attire



do you reckon the guy also had a tiger stripe tie and vest with the jacket and pants? haha

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Thank you !

I am building a war room with only late war stuff now and these shall be in there

My main room only has pre 67 now

Defiantly different beasties


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wasn't sure where to put this as it has a bit of everything but the advisor in TS with grease gun is pretty rad. Anyone know what ammo pouches he is running?


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