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Tiger Stripes Part II

Bob Hudson

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  • 4 weeks later...

a set an old friend brought back with him


surprising for me, I have known him very well over 20 years and today was the first time he even mentioned he had them



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Last week I picked up a mint Thai tiger shirt

I presume it's an early one due to the older style label.

Anyone got dates on these labels ?

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I actually have a toiletries bag in Thai tiger.

It's dark print but lighter weight fabric.

It has been around the world several times with me !!

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Hi O,

I don't have it anymore. I sold it here a year or two ago. The material was a bit heavy if I remember it. I have alot of pictures of it yet if you need it. The two inside pockets were made of ripstop erdl.



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Thats Cool Mitch.

Did you keep records of ALL your collection?

Unfortunately I had a couple computer crashes, before some saves, but I do have 28,000 e-mails and over 10,000 pictures (some good, some bad). I wish I wrote down more info years ago when I was collecting.

Regards, Mitch

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Some new ones to my collection, please excuse me if they have been posted before


First off we have a rather special boon that belonged to John Stryker Meyer, SOG CCN, and you can see hi wearing it on the picture on my site in country






Then we have the nice reversible black/tiger Boonie that Guy posted, its now found its way to me







And finally I have posted this before but couldn't resist. It's a tiger stripe apron that belonged to SOG veteran Jerry Weaver, looks to be made in Okinawa


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Wow Paul! That's a special boonie right there and everyone needs a TS apron.

The thing I like about the apron is they took care to try and match the front pockets to the pattern, nice touch

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