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Tiger Stripes Part II

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I just recieved a golden tigerstripe set from sssmwholesale and it looks really sweet, only two small flaws are a tad oversized cigerette pocket and a bit lower positioned small cargo pocket which should be closer to the larger cargo pocket but other than that i have no other negative remarks, weight, material, pattern, buttons, everything seems just right and oh yeah, dont like the huge size stamp and there should be a hanger but hey, lets not be so critical, after all its just a very good repro , any comments ?








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Hi B


Thats a classic "John Wayne Gold" set isn't it? :lol:


The set looks no bad for me I like the bright colours with the dark black stripes :thumbsup: !

Nice repro at all!






Yes, i noticed about the pattern, JWD-Gold crossover pattern, i like it though !

Please post some pics of the late war tiger set you bought, would like to see it upclose ,ordered one too !!!

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Hi B.


here some pics. from the late war light wight repro.

When I received it I was positive surprised about it the colours was looking much more authentic then on the pics from the seller!

I washed the set two times now and the shape gets looking better and better.

I don't know how all the other repros look especialy after several wash cycles because thats the only one I got for now.

Anyway there did a very good job on selecting a good fabric and on the pattern print as well.


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Im quite noob when talking about tiger-stripes

So im asking info about this shirt? which pattern is it?


"Mistakes in combat are unpardonable sins, punishable by death." By Joe Walker, RT California






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HI mhk


the pictures are not realy sharp but it's definitely a "silver pattern"

I'am not 100% sure if it's original or one of the extra nice MASH repro? but my feeling says it's a VN war period piece?

Anyway even not bad If it's a MASH repro because the price of them is very close to the original ones!

Whit some better pics. and a cloe up shot from the camo print we could make a more exactly statement.





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Awsome combat photograph .

You can just feel the tension and stress of battle .

It is written on the faces of everyone present .

Looking deeper into the picture you will notice the uniforms damage .

A stunning image .

Thanks for posting .



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hello everyone .. whats the best repo tigers ya can get in the states or world wide to date whould everyone say ..i ahve seen a lot on ebay and been wacth ing a few ..one set sell for £38 total inc shipping so am leaning that way as cash is tight ..have just started doing LRRPS .i have been wanting to do nam for a while now ..have been doing ww2 2nd rangers for the last 7 years and this will be a side line for me ..only have a few bits to date ,,and only want to know more about the nam side of things


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What about this? I assumed it's a fake but I'd like to see experts' opinion.




I will not hold myself out as an 'expert' but I will share some observations:


a.) I have seen this pattern on newsclips of SVN Marines evacuating Da Nang in 1975


b.) I have seen this cut of blouse (but in ARVN Ranger Leaf camo) on a picture dated 1974


c.) The material appears to be poplin, not ripstop as this particular camo pattern is often found in


d.) Does not appear to be any stampings or any other markings


Conclusion => The uniform itself is *possibly* from the late war era (1974-75), certainly after the cessation of the *majority* of US involvement. The lack of a stamping in the collar is a problem however.


I cannot speak for the insignia - I do not know when the last USMC advisor left SVN but this shirt would indicate that it was '74-75. This might be the case but I am doubtful.

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