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Tiger Stripes Part II

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Got this today from a SEAL Team One guy who had it made in Vung Tau in 1969. Pictures don't do the colors justice.






Now that is fantastic! Would love that in my collection.

Paul Bishop





MACV-SOG Living History Group


"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

George Orwell




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Spike what a great and rare jacket. I have never seen one like it.

O, glad you like the pants.

Puff, Thanks for your comment. I took a picture outside to see if it would show up better. I just don't have the best camera.

Regards, Mitch


When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"
Jimi Hendrix




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If that's a real set of Golds then someone got a bargain, I would think.



if it's real:


cheap price for ADS/Gold plus large size


BUT this one is REPRO for me!!

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"BUT this one is REPRO for me!!"


Explain why.



when i see this on the auction, i think, ok it looks good to me.

but the second photo looks similar to Moore Gold Tiger in 2007 (the color and the contrast is not like Gold should be)

after this, i compare Moore Gold Tiger with this doubtful one and find out it's not Moore.

i remember, in 2000 there was a Thai Gold clone with black stripes error.

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here are some photos to compare:


doubtful one:

between correct red and blue markings: black stripes error, deleted stripes area, to compact (yellow arrow)



Moore Gold repro in 2007:



legit Gold:



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Here is a set I have had for a few years, I know nothing about them at all. Thought I would show them on here and get some opinions. Thought I had posted this in the Tiger Stripes thread, If anyone knows how to move please let me know.


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Why not!? I like the idea doing a good reference to comparing fakes to originals.... it would be a very helpful tool for a all the other vietnam collectors as well!

The 2 threads here containing a big big lot of knowledge and can answer almost every question about tiger stripes who was ever asked that's for sure!

But it's also a problem that the 2 therads are so mixed up with tons of infos by now that it makes it not realy easy to get just a good, quick and securer reference between repro and orginal for everybody.

There are many good and well made repros out there today and they getting more and better....

Creating a web page or so about that is a good idea.



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Okay, then you should all get together and come up with, what should be shown, who made the patterns shown, when they were made, etc.

My one warning is make sure you are all 1000% positive that the patterns / uniforms are reproductions. I have seen a few here that people thought were fake, and then it was proven they were real.

I will happily pin the thread.


"A militaria show is a social event for anti-socials" - A.T. 2008

ASMIC Executive President





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Here's my thoughts ..............


The tiger stripe thread is for REAL tigers only .



The other section has PLENTY of room for and is named for REPO's and fakes quite clearly ......so use that.






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Steve, I would agree with you to a point. But, like is said on every other subject, the buyer should do their research before throwing around large sums of money on items, they don't fully understand. The two pinned threads here, are the best reference someone could have. If a potentional buyer doesn't spend the time to look or read through them, then as sad as it is to say, the deserve what they get. That last set of gold tigers that went for high dollars, that Gimp pointed out might be bad, The buyer is / was a member of this forum and a couple of others, and claims to be a well informed collector.




I agree. You MUST know the subject before you jump in the deep end. This has become a big problem for the field of "militaria collecting" since the internet surge -- everyone wants just the rare stuff.....the idea of building your knowledge base over time has changed. However, the examples that were presented by Gimp here were clearly displayed in a graphical manner that all readers could understand. These are the types of tools needed to teach collectors at all levels. Johnson's book is also an excellent tool that has essential become the benchmark for tigers. I hope there will be more books/articles/websites/threads/discussions on this subject in the future. Open communication is best for the community.








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What a nice day! :rolleyes:


Finally I could get this nice custom made set from a English friend for a reasonable price.... but I also couldn't resist any longer :love:

It's a very well made set which shows almost all features of a 2nd issue jungle uniform.

The shirt of this set was once also published in Johnsons book "Tiger Patterns" on page 118.

I'am very very happy this new acquisition!!!






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I know this has been discussed here before, but here are two tiger stripes sets I picked up from the Ft. Bragg area. Obviously, one set is desert tiger and the other set is the more traditional green/black tiger stripes. These are being worn by Special Forces personnel fighting in the GWOT. Both of these sets came from the same soldier.


Always looking for US and foreign militaria from the Central American wars circa 1970-1990




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This is a lightweight cotton TS shirt I picked up today, along with matching pants. No markings at all except the # 2 as can be seen below. It is a small size and came with a 1969 dated US flying suit that was also a small, short. Notr that pocket fabric is not in same direction as the rest. Any identification?post-70300-1348884264.jpg

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