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a pair of AN/PRC 25 field radios

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A set of an/prc 25 field radios and accesories, I picked these up many years ago from a guy in kentucky who was basically doing a depot rebuild on them ( he was doing that as a buisness)- thats why the nice out of the crate look other then shelf wear for the past 15 0r so years and yes they work ( I have a Ham license so its OK) :)



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I have seen the battery adapters that hold "D" cell batteries for the PRC 25 and PRC 77 for sale here on the net. But are the magnesium batteries out there for sale anywhere?




Looking for anything related to the 252ND Coast Artillery Regiment.

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I spent 15 months running a Commo Shop at fort Polk in the early 90s... I had both PRC-25 and PRC-77 radios, as well as GRC-125 and GRC-160 set ups in the M113's. Once I found out how, I could pull the case off and tune the freq packs using my PRM-134 Freq tester. Battalion wondered why I never sent my radios in to be re-tuned like the rest of the companies did till they came down to the shop on an unrelated issue one day and found me with the case off and the guts open in the process of fine tuning one. The Battalion CESO turned white as a sheet and asked me what the heck I was doing. I told him that I had taught myself how to maintain the equipment and if I knew how to fix it, it didn't make sense to deadline something I could fix.


There was one RT-505 (PRC-25) we had... Serial Number 29392C... I'll never forget that one because it was the one that I couldn't keep tuned for any length of time. One jolt and the radio would race up and down the frequencies. I'd put that one on the PRM-134 and watch the numbers go up and down and up and down... The only time you could hear any transmission from it was when the frequency actually crossed the set frequency so you'd hear like every fifth syllable. I'd turn that one in and they'd send it back unfixed. It wasn't until I got an order to laterally transfer some radios to another unit that I was able to get rid of it.


The batteries came in two types... the BA-4386 Magnesium and the BA-5598 Lithium. It was nice that you could carry two of the lithium batteries in the battery case... one plugged in being used and a spare.

Freedom isnt free... it must be paid for. Too often it is paid for by the blood of patriots. For those who have paid their share, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

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