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PASGT woodland cover question


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I have as many do a pile of woodland covers for the PASGT helemt. The earliest I have is 84 and the latest being 2004. My question is, are there any differences in the covers? Such as changes is foilage slits, types of attachment straps. I have seen much discussion about mitchel pattern covers and the Marine LWH covers but can find nothing on the PASGT covers.


Thanks in advance



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There is a book on the PASGT written by Mark Reynosa.....lots of great info from prototypes to production and covers too....i dont think there was much change in the covers, i have read about during Operation Desert Storm that some chocolate chip covers were rushed through production without foliage slits , i have a few examples.....other changes i can think of were the securing straps might be a little different on very early/experimental examples....there are a few guys here that would know much more on the subject than me, some guys specialize in the PASGT and more modern helmets and covers.....mike

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Bob, I have been collecting PASGTS and their covers for quite some time now. The book shown is excellent on all accounts. Here are all the different models/styles I have been able to find so far.


CLASS 1 - "Woodland" made from cotton-nylon twill with foliage slits from 1984-2004. Production of these never changed.


CLASS 2 - "Snow" made from cotton-nylon cloth bleached white. 1982-2004. While the initial contracts were produced without foliage slits, later contracts can be found with them and there is at least one without any slits at all, even for the chinstrap assembly.


CLASS 3 - "Six Color Daytime Desert" made from cotton-nylon twill 1982-1993. These were intially made with foliage slits, however with the run up to Desert Storm in 1990 the contract was amended to delete them to save time in production. These without are all dated to 1991. Recently saw one dated to 2005 and advertised as a short run production made for the new Iraqi Army.


"CHEMICAL PROTECTIVE" - Made from buytl coated nylon cloth without foliage slits from 1982 -Present.


CLASS 4 - "Three Color Daytime Desert" 1991-2004. There are three different models. First model is made from cotton-nylon twill with foliage slits, these were made throughout production. In 1991 as the pattern was first adopted and rushed to Kuwait a second model made from rip-stop material without foliage slits were made, all dated 1991. Finally, with the start of the Global War on Terrorism a third model - cotton-nylon twill without foliage slits were produced alongside those with the slits 2000-2004.


"URBAN CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN" aka "URBAN T" - 800-1,000 sets made of an experimental camo pattern for a Marine Corps training exercise "Operation Urban Warrior" held in 1999 in Oakland Calif. These covers are made from rip-stop with foliage slits and all dated 1998.


"UNIVERSAL CAMOUFLAGE PATTERN" - Made from cotton-nylon twill with foliage slits 2004-2005.


"MARPAT" - These reversible covers while designed for the new LWH were used with the PASGT in 2003-2004. Made from cotton-nylon twill with foliage slits.


"RAGTOP" - Field made "Woodland" covers made at the unit level by taking pieces of material and sewing to standard "Woodland" cover. Noticed that the older made 1984-1990 seem to be made from individual pieces cut and sewn, while newer seem to have a single larger piece sewn to cover then cut into strips. Used by the 7th Infantry Division during the 1980's and Ranger units.


Here are a couple photos showing some of the different covers with a couple of M-1's and ACH's on either side. If there are any I missed feel free to add.



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Glad to help. Overlooked your securing tab question. As far as production covers go, the same nylon tab and velcro closures reamained unchanged on all the above with only a couple of exceptions. The only changes were to the color of the tabs and velcro themselves. As follows.

"WOODLAND" - Green

"SNOW" - White



"URBAN T" - Black

"UCP' - Foliage Green

"MARPAT" - Green (until a new ACH style began in 2007 for the LWH)

"CHEMICAL" - elastic band sewn into cover as was designed to be worn over helmet and whatever camo cover was already there

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