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WWII M3 Grease Gun Magazine Case?


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OK. I interpreted the comment as the Stock Numbers being a late war thing - implying that earlier items did not have a stock number because they were not marked as such.


In my haste to present an illustrated reply, I goofed by saying that the 5/2/42 illustrated item was pre war. I was looking at the pattern date rather than the contract date.


When looking at other Ordnance canvas items to make like comparisons with the bag D90242, the D50268 Cover, Thompson Sub Machine Gun Cal 45 comes to mind. Original examples are marked in the same way as a D90242 and I cannot say I have ever observed D50268 with a marker mark or date.



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Hi guys,
After posting my last thoughts, I also came to the conclusion also that the M3 bags are Ordnance quarter master issued as talked about here. The QM stock numbers I'm referring to is the field gear only. I know the QM stock numbers are down on paper but were or when did it start on the canvas field gear?
I saw the 1942 legging with stock number and the rest of the information, but again this is clothing and not the field gear and yes the clothing is well marked with dates, model numbers, manufactures and the QM but the gear is not!
My first thoughts on field gear being marked with stock numbers was first started on Korean War field gear? but with the 1945 M1943 shovel cover and I myself finding a M1945 back pack dated 1945 in my collection with the QM stocking numbers inked on it I have to back track to the end of the war in 1945
My question is their anyone here have a 1944 dated field gear with the QM and model number information on the canvas? everything I see is 1945 dated!
On to the M3 clip as posted with the khaki webbing and ordnance Qm marking on the front posted by Johan & Carl W. and Johan thinking it might be a sales marking sell ? one thing I noticed on these bag is the lack of the (US) stamp marking, I've seen two WWII pattern mountain rucks with no US or Dates? I've been told by a good friend and a very long time military collector is that these were sold to foreign countries, leand lease or used by the CIA? this would answer the lack of a dates, US or markers ink markings and just a tag it's just what I've been told.
One other point the M3 clip bag made by Hinson posted here, I have two M1944 lower packs made by Hinson they are both ink stamped one dated 1944 & one dated 1945 without the Qm markings so why not the M3 bag posted here marked the same but with a inside tag? made for Foreign sales or the lend lease?
I have a WWII WLA Army motorcycle and I have all the original tool rolls & parts rolls these are ordnance issued to the motorcycle and all of the canvas is unmarked, I've seen just a few with the markers marking and that's all on these WLA tool rolls. The M10 /M12 / M13 ordnance tool rolls they are mostly marked & dated.
The last photo OD & Khaki canteen covers same 1945 dates and same maufactors





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