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WW2 EMs' overseas caps with BOS braid.


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Excellent additions Ricardo. Between the both of us I think we've illustrated virtually every type of overseas cap! Maybe the mods should consider pinning this thread as a source of reference for future readers?

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Civil Air Patrol:


Civil Air Patrol Cadet - red piping



OD Dark Elastique - no piping



Pretty standard garrison cap but interestingly has the twill CAP patch with off-center propellor



Red piping - twill patch



Red piping - small CAP disc variant


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post-10857-0-69112100-1354030312_thumb.jpgpost-10857-0-40414500-1354030350_thumb.jpgI have some OS caps. Not being well versed I'll tell you what I think and you can correct me. 1st up I think is Finance. I'll put 3 pictures up and hopefully you can tell me what it is.
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Yes....yellow/gray = Finance. The dark blue/scarlet = Adjutant General. Nice! (Give me first dibs if ever you decide to sell them!)

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Here's a comprehensive guide:


  • Adjutant General's Department (to 1944) - Dark Blue / Scarlet Red

  • Adjutant General's Department (1944 on) - Dark Blue / White

  • Army Air Corps - Ultramarine Blue / Golden Orange

  • Armored Center and Units - Green / White

  • Cavalry - Yellow

  • Chaplins - Black

  • Chemical Warfare - Colbalt Blue / Golden Yellow

  • Coastal Artillery - Scarlet Red

  • Commissioned Officers - Gold / Black

  • Detached Enlisted Personnel - Green

  • Engineer Corps - Scarlet Red / White

  • Finance Department - Silver Grey / Golden Yellow

  • General Grade Officers - Gold

  • General Staff Corps - Gold / Black

  • Inactive Reserves - Brown / White

  • Infantry - Light Blue

  • Inspector General Department (to 1944) - Dark Blue / Light Blue

  • Inspector General Department (1944 on) - Dark Blue / White

  • Judge Advocate General Department - Dark Blue / White

  • Medical Department - Maroon Red / White

  • Military Intelligence - Golden Yellow / Purple

  • Military Police - Yellow / Green

  • Militia Bureau - Dark Blue

  • Ordnance Department - Crimson Red / Yellow

  • USMA Permanent Professors - Scarlet Red / Silver Grey

  • Quartermasters Corps - Buff Yellow

  • Signal Corps - Orange / White

  • Specialist's Reserve - Brown / Golden Yellow

  • Tank Destroyer Units - Golden Orange / Black

  • Transportation Corps - Brick Red / Golden Yellow

  • Warrant Officers (to 1944) - Brown

  • Warrant Officers (1944 on) - Silver / Black

  • Women's Auxillary Army Corps (1942) - Old Gold / Moss Green

  • Women's Army Corps (1943 on) - Old Gold / Moss Green
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"The ribbon is the only DI for this unit but I can't rermember the dang unit."


4th Infantry. A metal and enamel representation of the ribbon is now worn. From the US Army Institute of Heraldry website-



A gold color rectangular metal and enamel device 1 1/8 inches (2.86cm) in height and 1 inch (2.54cm) in width, consisting of a scarlet background on which is centered horizontally a green stripe 3/8 inch (.95cm) in width.



Subsequent to the Mexican War and until the blue uniform was abolished, the Band of the Fourth Infantry was authorized to wear a scarlet piping on the chevrons and trousers stripes in commemoration of the Regiment's distinguished service in the battle of Monterey in turning a captured battery of artillery against the enemy. The scarlet perpetuates this distinguished service of an element of the Regiment. Green is the predominating color of the coat of arms of the Regiment; it also symbolizes the service of the Fourth Infantry in the Mexican War.



The metal and enamel distinctive unit insignia was originally approved on 21 Dec 1987. It was amended on 14 Sep 1989 to revise the description and clarify the symbolism.

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