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1st Infantry Division

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The story goes that the 1st Division SSI was created from a bit from a German uniform at the end of ww1.


I suspect that the bit of uniform was actually an epaulet from a German 1st regiment uniform. Red stitched number one on a brown epaulet, looks exactly like the 1st division SSI.


Years ago I contacted the First Division museum about this. They deny it. Still hard to deny the similarity, especially when you look at the earliest examples. German ones look almost like sevens, so do the numbers on the earliest SSI.




My father's WWII division, so one of my favorites to collect.


Some of my variants.





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Awesome article, thanks for sharing.

Attached you can find a patch I got from one WWII Military Police display... I think it can be of your division (hand made). What do you think about it?:







"the routine is the daughter of a lack of love"


I am looking for the following items: WWII original medals (with original case prefered)

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Scroll up to 1stDivVet's thread, he has the same ones, Occupation made 26th IR. Looks nice! :thumbsup:

"Old tankers never die, they just smell that way!"

A co. 4/73rd Armor, 1st Infantry Division (Forward)




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