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No eBay international helmet sales?

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I have one listed now with international no problem. Is it a U.S. helmet? The only ones I know that have restrictions are Third Reich items.

Yes, a WWII U.S. M1 helmet. I've been selling them for years with no problem. I sold a Vietnam era liner last week with no restriction. Tonight I also listed a WWII TM (manual) and got the same sort of warning.

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Perhaps there is something with your listing that makes the Ebay algorithm think your item is current issue, since such items are restricted to the US only?



Helmet is listed as a WWII item in the WWII collectibles category. I just tried to revise the WWII manual with overseas shipping and got the same warning. I'll call eBay tomorrow and find out what the hell is going on.

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Whenever I enter "US M1 helmet" in the ebayUK search box a significant number of those on offer are listed as being "From the USA". Just the same today...no noticeable change from the norm.

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I called eBay and found out the following: They are trying to enforce a government policy that has been in effect since 2011. This restricts the shipment of certain military equipment and technical information (like military manuals) overseas. eBay has been slow to implement this policy because of the sheer volume of sales. However this means you can still list your items with domestic shipping only indicated and they can still be viewed and bid on by people overseas! Another ridiculous and uneeded restriction on the sale of legitimate collector's items.

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I see quite often the shipping only allowed to the US but then in the description written "international bidders welcome, shipping will be USD 50". You just need to unblock bidding and viewing from foreign countries.



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