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OkinawaRelics is back

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A great website! It was great to see a lot of the battle sites that I used to visit frequently when I lived on Oki. Kakazu Ridge was almost a weekly visit for me during my year there. My Grandfather received a Bronze Star for his part on Kakazu as a 37mm Gunner with D Co 1st Bn 381st Infantry and my Great Uncle received a Silver Star and Purple heart with A Co. 1st Bn 381st Infantry on the same hill. I hope to be able to go back again some day

Cpl James A Paris, USMC
Stinger Missile Gunner
H&S Co. Support Bn MCRDSD 2002-2003

MarDet Ft Bliss, TX 2003
2nd Plt 1st Stinger Btry, Okinawa 2003-2004
2nd Plt A Btry 3rd LAAD BN Camp Pendleton, CA 2004-2006

Please visit my blog: http://ourcountrysheroes.blogspot.com/






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