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15th River Assault Sqdrn Patch - Help Needed


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Hi All,

I was recently offered a USN group that belonged to a 2 war vet (WWII and Vietnam). The son and wife of the vet sold it to a shop I frequent and when first offered to me, it only consisted of his stripped WWII service dress blues (jumper, trousers, hat) and his pea coat (post war). Apparently there may be more as the son is bringing the items in piece-mail.


The vet was onboard the USS Core from 1943-1946 and was a Radioman. He reenlisted from 1969-1971 and that is where the latest item comes into play. When I originally saw the group, I passed on it, however after seeing the patch, it's garnered my interest.


Initial research shows this is for the 15th River Assault Sqdrn. I have no doubts in the patches authenticity. My assumption is that it is theatre made, however would like more input.


Additionally, I tried researching its value so I could make a fair offer (a lot of times the shop comes to me to research named items and for values of militaria, but this is way out of my scope), however no such luck. If anyone could help with a ballpark, I would be much appreciated. Please feel free to PM me if you'd prefer not to post this info on the forum.


By the way, sorry for the blur in the photos; they were taken with a camera phone.


Thanks in advance!





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