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U.S.A.F. Astronaut wings.


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Don't quote me.But I think the Air Force has started issuing enlisted crew member wing's with the astronaut designator on them.I think they maybe for payload specialists?


I finally pulled out my little wing collection and there you have it, the old enlisted crew members wing for astronaut on the original "Vanguard" card.


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I too thought I'd throw in a US Navy astronaut wing, (just a little one)............ got these from a friend in the US long ago, he said the patch was from an orange flight suit, it was falling apart so he removed the patch :( (It has holes from a sewing machine very close together).







I wish I knew who owned them! Any ideas on the maker of the wing?





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Very nice Wings and patch Flightpath! :)



I'm glad to show you my latest acquisitions:


Naval Flight Officer Astronaut (Vanguard)...




...and Naval Pilot Astronaut (H&H).



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Great thread.Outstanding wings.I've always liked the Astronaut wings.I have a few still on the makers card that I've had for about 15 years.They're tucked away somewhere.I'll have to dig them out one of these days.

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I agree with you Patchcollector! This was an eye-opener of a thread! Lots of information shared across the board!


It's been almost two years......are there any other Astronaut badges to be shared?

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What kills me is that one time, I walked into a clothing sales store on an Army post in 1998 and they had all the Army astronaut wing types for sale on the insignia board. I think they were about $8 or 9 bucks each.


Still kicking myself for not buying at least one of each.


That, and being able to buy MoH ribbons at a clothing sales store at Benning way back in the day and not doing so, those are my two biggest, "why didn't I?" moments at clothing sales...


If you want to get an insight on how these were awarded, read Mike Mullane's book, "Riding Rockets" where he went to the Pentagon with a fellow shuttle crewmate from the Navy to each get their wings. Mullane had been a USAF F-4 back seater type.


So, the Navy astronaut got his first, with a reception filled with pomp and circumstance that only the Navy can do.


Then, they go to some USAF general. Mullane wrote that he was treated like he was intruding on the general's time. It was downright embarrassing compared to what the group had just seen from the Navy side. Mullane's wife was yelling the halls how screwed up the USAF was and the Navy folks with him just kept silent in stunned amazement at how the USAF didn't seem to put any importance on awarding the rarest wings they have.

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