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Valentine Fose


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Pfc. Valentine Fose was from New York and joined the Army 15 January 1941. As a member of Hq. Company, 9th Infantry Division he participated in the North Africa and Sicily Campaigns before landing across Utah Beach in Normandy 10 June 1944. The 9th Division attacked across the Douve River on 16 June and reached the west coast of the Cotentin Penisula on 17 June. On that day Pfc. Fose was part of a small group of advance scouts and was probably the driver of one of the vehicles in the scouting party. Just west of St. Maurice-en-Cotentin the scouting party drove into a German ambush that included field guns. Five members of the scouting party including Pfc. Fose were killed in the ambush.

In 1998 a memorial was erected near the site of the ambush to commemorate these soldier's sacrifices.

Below are images that include Pfc. Fose's decorations, the Memorial, and a satellite view of the road where the ambush occurred which shows the nature of the famous Normandy bocage that so suited ambushes like the one that occurred here. I am not sure exactly where the Memorial is situated in the photo but I think it is roughly in the middle of the image.

Thanks for looking.


post-2661-0-50889200-1351819957.jpg post-2661-0-10099300-1351819970.jpg




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Valentine is my grandfather's cousin--grandpa was in grade school when Val was killed and he never found out what exactly had happened. I'm sure he will be glad to know after all these years. Thanks so much for posting!

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Hello ! I'm french and I'm doing research on the patrol of Valentine Who Was killed in Saint Maurice en Cotentin, Normandy because I live there and my grand father was near when it happenned. I could be very interessted by the medals for my research ! I would like to do some expositions in the local school with 😉

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Never seen this before. Very nice group of medals!


Nicely done presentation on him. I really like the satellite view and photos of the memorial.




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