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7th AAF Combat Cameraman Movie Board W/ Rock Band Poison Connection

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Back in the mid 90's my very good partner got us into a house in Windsor Mechanicsburg, Pa.


The car in the driveway had a Poison license plate and the man claimed to be the father of one of the band members.


I couldn't have cared less.


This movie board and a load of photos ( they are gone ) were the only military things.


For some reason I kept the board until the day before yesterday.


The new owner wants more info on the provenance.


This is what I have found.


The only band member from M'burg is Rikki Rockett / Richard Ream.


Maybe his mom's maiden name was Day ?


Can anyone help tie this name to the Reams ?



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That man used to set up at silver spring, same license plate and all. He was a junk dealer and had a little bit of everything. He was in fact the father of Richard Ream. I believe when I knew him he had a minivan. I bought a few things from him over the years

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