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A Marine Corps Platoon Sergeant with a goatee, he's on Iwo shortly after the fighting ended at some QM dump, the weapons I believe are battlefield pick-ups and or unserviceable turn ins.

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Wow just came across this foto in another topic from a ways back, another Marine with a wicked mustash and goatee, plus the additional highlights of the damaged steel shell, and the painted Westinghouse liner, I guess it will be a Westy, and his wear of an Army Camo coverall suit.


Foto first posted by member Championhilz.


His original caption below.



Posted 10 June 2009 - 12:10 PM

I found this great photo while looking at the Life Magazine WW II collection. It shows Marine Ervin Bonow holding the helmet he was wearing when it was hit by a piece of shell during the battle of Hasting's Ridge on New Georgia. It's amazing he could survive a hit that shredded his helmet.


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At least on Midway, in the early part of the war, the Marine Corps allowed its fighter pilots to "sprout" beards. The only stipulation was that the facial hairs could not interfere with the tight fit for an aviator's oxygen mask. My father, top left, somehow managed to grow an "Iron Jaw" and never tried again.

VMF-222 went on to the Solomon Islands three months later (Munda through Green Island) and the nine men in the photo would down 17.5 of the squadron's 50 aerial combat "sures" (mostly against IJN "Zekes" on missions to Rabaul).




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The caption is from my father's handwriting on the back of this photo. I assume he was an aviator even though he's not wearing his wings (they didn't always wear their wings as they were usually among other aviators; but they did have to wear their insignia of rank).





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A small contribution!
Apparently, traditional beards of Italian Alpine troops influenced paratroopers in Italy in growing a beard themselves.

3rd Plt, C Co, 504th PIR


To me the moustache of the 2nd standing guy from left seem non-regulation
B Co Officers, 509th PIB


Robert N Powell and Edward J. Lejkowski moving out to Cannes, 509th PIB



Left to Right Lloyd G. Van Guilder, Madden, William E. Powell, Robert N. Powell, Stoher, Medic Howard J. Maxwell all B Company, 50th PIB, having returned from the attack on La Napoule



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I have about fifteen US Navy cruise books from the 1950's into the 1980's. With that said I find it interesting that out of all of the books only one shows Sailors with beards. The photos are from a USS Prairie (AD-15) WESTPAC Cruise book in 1979.



In memory of.....
SSG Jarred S Fontenot US Army KIA Baghdad, Iraq 10-18-07 RIP my friend-Charlie Three Three Delta Out


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Great photos Manchu, thanks for posting. how many of the fifteen are from say 1976 to 1980? If you have more from these years a bet you'll see more swabbies with these beards//goatees, this was the height of the fashion then.

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Not WWII or even Korea I know, but as a follow up to Manchu Warrior's post I found a couple of early 70s sailors with full beards.



From a Cruise book, circa 1972.





A Navy Reservist's ID Card circa 1972.




Question: in the Rank box we see NONPO, what's that mean?

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Red Beard...what a great photo

In Memoriam:
Lieutenant J.Kostelec 1-3 First Special Service Force MIA/PD 4 March 1944 Italy
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Anyone catch the restored version of John Huston's "Report from the Aleutians"?


youtube - there are also other topics on the forum for this film


Forward to the 45 minute mark - Beards on Doggies, Swabbies, Coasties.....1942/1943


Also.....an excellent source of period color films of aircrew combat over Japanese occupied Kiska.

The documentary also names some of commanders and pilots - in their patched A-2's


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