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Proof the Kerr Sling was Made in Leather

Big Al

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These slings have poped up from time to time and everyone wondered what they were. Such as this example:


http://www.usmilitar...l__+kerr +sling


I found this by accident (as many such discoveries are often made) while searching for photos of the demonstration of Browning machine guns at the Congress Heights firing range in 1918. I found evidence that the Kerr Gun Sling, as the add calls it, was infact made in both webbing and leather.


To get to the page, click on the following link. In the search bar to the left of the document, delete what is there and type in the word Kerr. Press enter and click on the result "page 251". There will be the add for the Kerr Adjustable Strap Company. In the add, it says about the sling quote, "Can be fitted to Springfield, Krag, Enfield, or sporting rifle in leather or webbing: if in webbing, COSTS LESS, is less bulky, more pliable and lighter". I think that is quite interesting.



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