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GAM-77 Hound Dog Cruise Missle

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Hi Guys. I'm thinking of taking this to the MAXX show in Pittsburgh to sell. I'd appreciate what you guys think something like this is worth. I picked it up 15 years ago at a flea market and it has been in my shed since. I originally thought it was a nose cone to an F-105 but it wasn't. It turned out to be the first seven feet of a GAM-77 Hound Dog cruise missle. There can't be many out there. I sent photos and a letter to the Air Force Museum and they confirmed the identy. Just trying to get an idea what price I should put on it at the MAXX. Any help you guys can give me would be great. Thanks!




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That would be something I would like to have, I think. If you are open to trades shoot me a line, I have a ton of stuff that maybe you would like. Finding it's way to Fort Worth, Denver or the west side of Wisconsin would be the issue I think.

Cheers, Dave

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