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Torpedo Bombing Sq.13


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Ralph T Robinette Arm3c

Torpedo Bombing Squadron 13

USS franklin CV-13

KIA: 5 August 1944

From.Mt Pleasant,North Carolina


Arm3c Ralph T.Robinette was a radioman/bombardier/ventral gunner on a Gruman TBF Avenger Torpedo Bomber.They flew off the USS Franklin(CV-13).


August 4,1944 the Franklin was involved in attacking Chichi Jima and a ship convoy North if Ototo Jima.Targets included radio stations,a seaplane base,air strips and ships.


At Dawn,Twenty-five Hellcats,Helldivers and Avengers took off on the rain drenched flight deck.They left three cargo ships sinking in the harbor and strafed another,ten miles to the west.A special search group that,flying toward Japan;500 miles north,located new targets.Two of Big Ben's planes did not return.Lt.Comdr.C.B.Holstrom,from Washington State with his gunner Walter J Brooks,Jr from New York, plunged in their Helldiver into Chichi Jima Harbor by Anti-Aircraft fire.Lt.(jg)H.F.McCue's torpedo plane with aircrew Hevey and Robinette aboard,crash-landed in the sea after being hit by flak.The words "missing in action"were written by these shipmates names,although covering fighters reported a rescue submarine was heading in their direction.Nearly two months later Lt.McCue was returned aboard.But Walter D Hevey,a yankee from North Attleboro,MA. and his comrade;Ralph T Robinette,a lad with the Southern drawl of North Carolina-died that day.

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