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Hi everyone, I have a nice 5x7 picture of some B24's in flight, but it has no writing and I have been unable to identify the unit and where they were stationed.


Can anyone identify these by their tail insignia and where they fought?





Collecting early US Army headgear and uniforms.







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These Libs are from the 5th Bomb Group and this photo was probably taken between October '44 and May '45. The 'Bomber Barons' were attached to VII AF and then XIII AF and fought in the Pacific.


Here's a link to the 5th BG page on the Web-Birds site.


I'll look and see what else I have on this outfit...



Fade to Black...

Steve O. Reno

(formerly BlackWolf3945 here on USMF)

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug...


Seeking Curtiss-Wright aircraft photos, especially the P-40, P-36, & O-52...

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