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"QRV" modular assault vest


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I picked this up this week at a local shop in Florida. I have never seen this version of the "QRV" vest. It is very well made with; military grade hardware , including "Talon" marked zipper.


All Pouches are modular/removable with lit-the-dot snaps and velcro


It looks 100% real-deal to me.


What do you think?







Top Pouches: 20 Round M16

Middle pouches: Left: 7.62 x 5 rounds Right: Shotgun x 5

Middle Pouches: Frag, 20 round M 16

Bottom: .45 mags x2 , 20 round M16

Spare pouch (lying on left side-was tucked in other pouch) : small GP pouch






Side Draw Holster

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i have got several myself, including a couple in blue, with the very same layout and tags (on my blue ones tag are red and green). I should dig through boxes to find out, but if i recall correctly the maker is different between these and the QRV vest used by Rangers in Grenada (which are more heavy duty, with aircraft webbing grade belt.).

Pouches are the same (is it possible the "7.62 pouch" is for .38 revolver ammo instead and the horizontal one with two flaps for speedloader?), i have a canteen cover and a smaller holster, too. Mine came from USAF SP members, i also had a photo of them in use but it got lost when my old PC crashed.


Keep in mind several variation of QRV vests exists, also STABO ones.

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I agree also that it is a legit vest. I do not have one cut like yours but I do have them with similar construction methods and identical pouches.

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