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Douglas B-19 Bomber


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This image is a scan of a postcard that was given to me by my mother. She saw this aircraft in flight when she was visiting family in Los Angeles.


The first flight of the B-19 was on June 27, 1941, at Clover Field, Santa Monica, California. At the time, it was the largest aircraft ever built. Only one was built.




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That's a cool shot. I have a book at home that shows this same aircraft c. 1947 sitting in the desert boneyard at Davis-Monthon AFB. She ended up being cut up for scrap along with the rows of B-17s, B-29s, C-47s, etc. etc. that ended up there. A sad fate for an interesting airplane.

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I would love to have seen this beast fly...


Here's some photos which are mostly from the NMUSAF website. These are resized and slightly enhanced; check the site if you'd like to see the original, much larger images. Look under 'Research', then 'Aircraft of the Air Force'.


You can also read an excellent write-up on this airplane HERE...


Click on all but the first for larger images.



Don Miller collection via Project 914 Archives





Here's the 'ole gal before her first flight at March Field on June 27th, 1941...











In 1943 the original engines were replaced with Allison V-3420 in-lines and the aircraft was redesignated XB-19A...





And here's how she ended up in 1949...





Fade to Black...

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