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I finally managed to track down enough bits for a BC-1000

The top part is French but will do until I can get a US one, the battery box and upper box I believe are US, the webbing and handset came with the 2 box sections.


More pictures here Unable to transfer- drt

I am please with it as it doesn't need much restoration and the paint is 95%.

All of the latches have been replaced at some point with the spring loaded type, does anyone know when these spring loaded ones came into use? I assume they are post war and the correct wartime period ones are these

I'm also pretty sure the belt is a British made one, it has the American code ST-55-A all be it very faint on one side and an arrow shape and 8-1 on the other, it also has what looks like British hardware and is the British type webbing.

Also after searching I can't find any pictures that match the suspenders I have, they are 1945 dated and have the manufacture name that looks to be J.B. MFG CO. they are marked ST-54-A, the hardware on the cross strap looks odd to me, they have also used an adjustment buckle on the right hand side but seem to have sewn the adjustment bar so its unusable, it also has the same buckles that are on Marine type suspenders on the end of the strap that connects to the radio

Missing one picture- couldn't edit it- drt
(if I've posted this in the wrong section please move it)


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Possible, the hardware on the suspenders doesn't appear to have be changed, apart from the corrosion marks on the webbing and the corrosion on the hardware the suspenders are clean and the webbing shows little if no sign of wear.


All the radio's I've seen come up for sale appear to have the same spring clips, still trying to find out what era they put that style of clips on the radios, any insights appreciated.

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Thanks Johan, that thread contained the info I wanted about the clips, looking at my ST-54 suspenders I think they are a pair of OD 1944 suspenders that have been converted to a ST-54,


looking at this picture they are almost identical.



Picture borrowed from Bay State Militaria



I can see some signs of where they used to be stitched as well as very faint manufacturer ink marks of where the parts should be placed together

Does anyone know if this was common practice?

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