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CWO-4 Walter H Beicke

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My main interest area is pre-war USMC, Navy and Army in China, however, I thought this pewter cup was neat. The cup is 6 1/2" high and is engraved with an EGA, Peiping, China 1946 and Walter H. Beicke on one side and a Chinese Dragon on the other. Beicke served in Tientsin, China 1n 1927, then on the U.S.S. Pennsylvania and the U.S.S. Oklahoma. Beicke was stationed at the Marine Barracks, Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, in December 1941. He served with the 3rd Marine Division, on Guam and Iwo Jima. In 1946 he was with Fifth Marines, First Marine Division, Peiping, China. He then served in Korea during the Korean War. Beicke won the silver Marine Corps Division Pistol Competition Badge in 1947 and the 14k gold U.S. Marine Corps Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge in 1948. Beicke retired in 1956. I recently saw a similar pewter cup with the dragon and Peiping, China 1946 unnamed without the EGA on Ebay so the cups must be fairly common. But as I said, I think this one is neat.





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