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A bit of familiy history ...

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Hi all,


seeing as how i've asked a ton of questions in the last few days and have recieved quite a few very kind and helpful replies, i thought i might share a bit of my own family history with members here. My Uncle, William J. Schorr, (and namesake) was a P-47 fighter pilot during WWII - assigned to the 93rd Fighter Squadron 81st Fighter Group Guskhara, India. The 93rd was assigned base protection duties for the 20th Bomb Group, the first B29's sent overseas. The 81st protected bases in China as well as in India. Here are a few photos of my Uncle during the War (And one many years after):






He enlisted at Patterson Army Air Base Dayton , Ohio and was an Aviation Cadet with assignments that took him to many air fields with Advanced Flight Training at Aloe Field Victoria, Texas graduating Class 44-C. The photos above are during his time as a Cadet.




Above is a photo of my Uncle in his dress uniform standing next to his P-47 "Old Faithful" while stationed w/ the 93rd in India.


The final photo shows just how much he loved flying - up to his passing just a few years ago he enjoyed being a pilot. Here he is standing next to an AT-6 he had just piloted:




I hope this was the appropriate section to post this in (if not feel free to either move it - or let me know and i'll post elsewhere) - i hope this was of interest !


Kind Regards from N.M.



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General Apathy

Hi Billythekid, sadly a passing generation, at least he survived the war and you got to know him, Cheers ( Lewis )


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


" Life's too short for reproductions "



Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes 




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Thank you both for the kind replies - much appreciated ! My Uncle certainly is missed, but his memory is strong and will live on.


All the best,




Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!
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Wonderful tribute to your uncle, thank you for sharing these photos with us. Have you any other wartime shots or perhaps some other info or stories? Information concerning the 81st FG isn't all that plentiful online, so this is a treat!


I'm sure that the folks over at Army Air Forces.com would love to see these as well... you can find their 81st FG forum HERE.



Fade to Black...

Steve O. Reno

(formerly BlackWolf3945 here on USMF)

Sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug...


Seeking Curtiss-Wright aircraft photos, especially the P-40, P-36, & O-52...

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