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68th Armored Infantry Battalion Unit Photo

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I found this while searching eBay. It turned out the seller is also a member of the forum. (Thanks again Mr.Jerry) Every once in a while I will search eBay for family related items. I typed 14th Armored Division into the search, and it popped up. I got goosebumps when I saw it, and knew I had to have it. As some of you know I have been researching and restoring a Uniform in honor of my grand uncle Clarence E. Arterburn, who served with the 68th.


The picture in the auction made it kinda hard to read the names written above the pictures. So I wasn't sure if he was on there, but once I received it and got a closer look right there he was at the bottom left.


Another amazing surprise was the tube that came with it, that was used by its original owner to mail to his wife. There were no pictures of the writing on the tube in the auction. So this was a great addition to an already outstanding piece.












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Very Cool!

i am glad it went to a good home!



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Thanks everyone, for the kind words!


Learning about my families military history is what got me into militaria, so its an amazing feeling to add a new piece. And to think just a few years ago I knew nothing about Clarence, and thought I never would, after learning his records were destroyed in the fire, but with the help of his son and the amazing people on this forum, I have more info then I could have asked for.


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My name is Mikel and I've been working with several veterans of the 14th Armored Division to tell their stories and preserve their histories. I brought the 14th's website back online (14thad.org, I hope to give it a facelift soon) and I have then been making websites for the veterans about their individual units. I have finished one for the 48th Tank Battalion (48thtankbattalion.org) and I am now getting my information around for the 68thAIB. I just received some information from a 68thAIB veteran today and am processing it now. I hope to get their website up and running over my Thanksgiving break. Is there any way that you can be so kind as to share a scan of that Battalion photo? That would be great because I could list all the veterans and show their names! Amazing!!! Even high quality photos of it in sections would absolutly work. Also, any thing else that you'd like to share for the website I'd love to have copies / scans / whatever of! Thank you for any help you can provide!


My email address is posted here:


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Okay, the website is online! 68thaib.org


There is a 1 hour interview with the veteran who knew the owner of your photo. I have also added their book that they wrote at the end of the war. I have a few more items to add yet and I'm waiting for some photos from the veteran. I hope that you can share that Company photo with me :)

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