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AAF Flight Crew Photo

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The back of this photo is smeared and hard to read. What I can make out says


Sherman Rueb II World War son of Sherman ----- Rueb, Perry, Okla


and it is stamped "Funville Studios Ardmore, Okla. Jan 2 19"


I found a cropped version of this photo online and it lists the crew as:


Rear, Lt Richard M. Hollister,Lt. Gene H. Crowell, Lt. James H. Herring, Lt. Robert S. Wellbeloved.

Front, T/Sgt. Robert E. Claveau, Sgt. Nicholas M. Bago, Sgt. Sherman L. Rueb, Sgt. Charles H. Bardeen, Sgt. Jack D. Hain


I think this may have been the 351st BG?? What king of aircraft is it?



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Yes it is a B-17G. The large number on the nose indicates that the plane was a stateside trainer, so this would have been the crew's "graduation" photo taken as they completed crew transition training. They would not have taken this plane overseas.



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You can see 'AR' on the tail, which indicates Ardmore Field, Oklahoma...



Fade to Black...

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I went through the lists of officers for 1944, 1945, 1946, and 1947 and none of the four officers in the photo show up. Anyone have any guess why?

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