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more evidence 3 pocket carrier late model philippines

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okay guys..for those who insists that the late style carrier is a Korean war item & never used in WWII...what we'v got here is the late war pattern of the 3 pocket hand grenade carrier in green with 2 LTD fasteners per pocket...this is pacific war Philippines late 1944 early 1945 luzon & manila.



1st video go http://www.youtube.com & type "Liberation of the Philippines cap2" 03:24 time:left soldier left hip & 09:35 time:gathering dead japanese bodies right soldier left hip


2nd video go http://www.youtube.com & type "Battle of manila Newsreel 1945" 02:32 time:Flamethrower operator left hip & 03:06 time:carring woonded comrade in strecher right soldier right hip

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Somewhere I have two pictures of them in the pacific. One in the Philippines I believe and one on Okinawa.


Chris Fischer


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