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442nd related items


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Pvt Masau Imada, 522nd FA, Bty A, Ike jacket.







Both groupings were found here on the islands. The real ball buster is Imada's Ike is missing the patch. To me it would seem to have been one of those theater made types probably of bullion. Why else would there be snaps in place.






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post-1384-0-22494600-1353103112.jpgRecently at our local coin and antique show I decide to display some uniforms and related items. My intentions of course was to get my name out there and let the locals know that I'm a collector of militaria. I made great points of contact for follow up and what I had hoped for actually happened. A 442nd Ike jacket walked in the door. Images to follow.
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It was half way though the show I was having a conversation with a son of a 442nd veteran when another local walked up to my display. This guy from Waimea was ooohing and ahhhing at my display flapping his arms around like a chicken. It was quit comical to see a 60 some year old guy doing this. He bust out this 442nd Ike jacket which immediately grab my attention and had to break my conversation with the other individual. Pointing at the red bull patch on the combat sleeve Skip ask do you what this is. I gave him the low down and show him Jack Iriguchi's photo album that I had on display.post-1384-0-26327500-1353103483.jpg

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I asked Skip if he was a collector of militaria or was this some he brought to get rid of. His story was that he purchased this jacket from a thrift shop up in his home town of Waimea (beautiful part of the Big Island) that was being sold as a Holloween costume. I heard of stories like this before but never thought some like this would ever surface. Anyway I managed to make a successful trade with Skip and we both walked away very happy.


When I got home I was able to do some research on the name and ASN within. Masashi Sewake ASN 30104083 was inducted 03/18/43. This was almost the same time when Jack Iriguchi was inducted with his brother also from the Big Island. In the "Americans, The Story of the 442d Combat Team" book it indicates that PFC Sewake was part of the 100th Bn, Co. G, 2nd Bn. and was awarded the Bronze Star, Distinguished Unit Badge, and Combat Infantry Badge. All insignia on uniform is consistant with what was published in 1946 minus the PFC stripe (?). It is interesting to note that Jack Iriguchi and his brother we in E and F Companies which make me think that the big Island boyz were all part of the 2nd Bn. Anyway Masashi Sewake was born 09/09/1923 died 08/27/1997 and is buried here on the Big Island at the Hawaii Veteran Cemetery-Area 1.


I'll post pictures of the page Sewake is listed on and get a photo of his grave stone later.


A Hui Hou,




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Those are really excellent items. I am glad to just see your photos of those wonderful pieces. The jacket is fantastic, to have survived intact all these years is remarkable. I am glad it found it's way to you where it will be documented and preserved. You have a truly historic collection. Well done.


Thanks for posting it.



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Some more pictures from Jack Iriguchi's album. Caption " On a mission to rescue the Lost Battalion. Taken by Paramount newsreel cameraman October 1944. On the way to battle - Vesyes mountains, France." Jack is shown to the right.






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The caption on this one "The Gang in Metz, France, April 1945". Close up of Jack's Ike and insignia. You can make out the CIB, his three ribbons and 442nd DI.



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Last week I was able to finish putting together a shadow box for Jack's medals. I believe he had received them after returning back to Hawaii and after his discharge. Not sure what happened to his Purple Heart. It wasn't together with other insignia. His son Mel, a friend of mine, had recently passed away and I had also made a shadow box for his awards for the wife.



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Several weeks ago I went into our local pawn/junkshop to check out some building supplies but decided to walk around to see what out stuff they had. Towards the back there was a whole rack full of wetsuits, a few jackets (non-military) and this Class A uniform. The only thing I had seen was the TASCOM patch on the sleeve and thought ehhh junk. I walked the rest of the of the shop and came out on the opposite side of this uniform and immediately notice the 442nd patch and that it was different. I didn't even know what the rest of the uniform looked like since it was back to back and up against a wetsuit. Looking for something to bring it down with and luckily for me there was several three pronged spears in the general area that allowed for me to take down this uniform. Yes it was confirmed the 442nd patch was a Japanese Occupation made example but the rest of the uniform almost made me croak. I couldn't believe it. Cool, calm and collective I took the uniform to the front and asked how much and what was the story.


The story was: Two elderly Japanese ladies came in with it along with several other items including Nazi stuff. The merchant told me that there were four other guys that actively seek out WWII stuff and that they purchased the other thing. Damn. First, I didn't even know anyone else was seeking out this stuff and second, I knew I should had checked out this place months ago. Regardless, I still could believe these other guys passed this up. The merchant asked isn't this Vietnam era and my answer to him was yes and no without going much more into detail. We settled on a price and I skipped out of this place with this interesting uniform.


To me it seems that this 27 or 30 year Master Sgt was once upon a time a WWII 442nd veteran. The rack of ribbons, DUC and CIB seem to suggest this. I'm guessing that this is when the BS was awarded and within the last to campaigns the 442nd/100th participated in based off of the two stars on European African Middle Eastern ribbon.


The one item that I had no clue about was the Navy Unit Citation ribbon until a forum member correctly identified it for me in another section. Evidently, Army members during WWII and/or the KW that were attached to Navy unit that was awarded the NUC are authorized to wear the award as well. Very interesting. I suppose this occurred during the KW.




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Here's a close up of the 442nd patch. Earlier in the year at a local antique shop I acquired another Japanese Occupation made patch that is completely different. You can clearly see the variations in the torch, flame and hand. Makes me kind of regret selling it off for $275 several months ago when I was off loading the rest of my occupation made patches both here and on ebay. If I had known that some much 442nd stuff would be dropping in my lap like this I would have hung on to it and the Japanese made DI.



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