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Hell's Guest


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Just curious if anyone out there has read the book Hell's Guest by Glenn D. Frazier? In it he recounts the experience of the Bataan Death March and his subsequent imprisonment in various POW camps before being sent to a large one in Japan, as well as the personal problems he experienced after the war.


Glenn Frazier was also one of the individuals featured in the Ken Burns series The War which came out a few years ago which was how I found out about his book. I read it in one sitting and thought it was a really interesting account and definitely recommend it to anyone interested.

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That is indeed a great book; well worth the read. I lucked out and found a signed copy for a song, at a second hand store. It is unbelievable what those men endured, and their sacrifices should never be forgotten.



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This is a book that I've been wanting to read for some time now. I too managed to get a second hand copy at a real good price [signed as well] and since I started reading it, I found that I have not been able to put it down. Why someone would part with a signed copy is beyond me but I'll be the caretaker now and that's ok.


IMHO, It's a brutal read. It should be required reading in all US High Schools and colleges.

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