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Can anyone give me a value on this signal gun lot? I am debating on whether to buy it or not... The owner is kind of giving me a run around on the price.


It is a US Navy Mark 5 Very Signal Pistol. Made by Vulcan MFG. CO. Inc. 1945. Belt is stamped USN Cartridge Belt Mk. 1 A.L. Siebel Co. Inc. 1943. Holster is marked Signal Pistol Holster Mk 5. Holster is khaki with OD belt hanger webbing. Also includes two boxes of Red Star distress signals and two loose red star distress signals.



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OK, I'll toss out my OPINION, based on a little observation. I did a “Flare Gun” exhibit in 2005, for a museum I’m associated with, and did a little research about them.

The USN Mk 5 is pretty easy to find, very often for less than $50-75, a 1945-dated one is a very late date, if you want a "WW II" item. “Vulcan” made them in 1945, “Sedgley” made them from 1942-44.

Belts and holsters are harder to find. For some odd reason, a lot of the belts I see are missing the buckles to fasten them; this set appears to have the original buckles. I would say a good belt and holster is worth more than a gun.

Unfired flares are hard to find. A sealed box is really hard to find. You have one sealed box of six, one unsealed box of six and two loose flares. My guess is that an unfired flare is worth at least $5, (and maybe $10) a sealed box of six add 10% or more.

So, my OPINION, is about $200 for the set would be a good deal for you. $300 probably would still be in the “ball park”.

Remember, it is up to the seller to set (or at least start a “price”). It is their responsibility to do the research on “value”, unless, you are a buddy of them and they ask your opinion.


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