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Show us your period military toys, models, and trench art!


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On 2/28/2013 at 7:19 PM, wartimecollectables.com said:

Very heavy!


This was probably scratch built by a German soldier.


These sorts of scratch built models are the best, love them.

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Not sure who made this but its certainly got the Trench Art style, the Post on the edges of the deck that represent docking tie posts
are actually upside down Nails The deck guns are wrapped nails. ? but it looks really well proportioned I would expect it to be labled
or signed ? Its sitting on a plastic shelf that I added for display


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9 hours ago, manayunkman said:

Are the gray soldiers Germans?


Yes, some were cast with German helmets, such as the charging and kneeling riflemen. Some castings appear to have been doughboys painted in gray, perhaps to represent the "enemy." I also found some painted blue a while back--perhaps to represent the French?  

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A couple of 1930s Britains.


Their different colors denote when they were made.


At one time they both had white rubber treads.



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