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1930's Tank photos

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You should love this, then - photos from the Saint Louis Globe-Democrat via the University of Missouri Digital Library [Herman T. Pott National Inland Waterways Library » Pott Library Special Collections » P-029: John Hartford Collection » P-029: John Hartford Collection Photographs St. Louis Mercantile Library].

Links only, to spare this site bandwidth.

"Tanks in the Field 3" July 28 1939


Tanks in the Field 2


Tanks in the Field

These light tanks were photographed in action yesterday at Jefferson Barracks they prepared to depart for Arcadia, MO., where they will be used in training a group of reserve officers in working out combat problems.


Tanks down the road - July 28 1939

The light tanks of the Sixth Tank Company at Jefferson Barracks, under command of Capt. J. H. Gilbreth, departed last night for Arcadia, MO., where combat problems will be worked out by 41 officers of the 420th Infantry, Reserves, as the final part of their tank training at Jefferson Barracks this season.





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