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John Ek Commando Knives (1941-1976)

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This is a great thread. Great information.


Does anyone know or can anyone hazard a guess as to when Models 6 & 7 were put into production? I have an original copy of the 2nd edition of "Your Silent Partner" printed in August 1944, and they are included as available models in that pamphlet. I know the Models 1 & 2 were produced first, but I cannot seem to find any information in any of my books regarding the production of the knives with guards.


Thanks, John--you are welcome. I do not know exactly when Mr. Ek began producing the Models No. 6 & 7. It is my understanding that he liked the Model No. 1 & 2 better because there was nothing to hang up when retrieving the knife to put it into action, but he went ahead and satisfied the demand from GI's for guarded knives thus the Models No. 6 & 7 were born not long after their older brothers.










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Thank you, Saddler! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Is this your workmanship?




Yip - Guilty as charged !

(see my post on that thread giving more info. about them)


I must be nuts, with some of the projects I take on that spiral into a Norse Saga of chasing fittings and parts, etc.

Over 20 years of research & sourcing/manufacturing metalwork to get them to a stage where I was satisfied enough to offer them for sale.


About 4 years ago the Boker firm in Germany contacted me about making some M6's for their new repro M3 knives - but they wanted all sorts of proof that M6 scabbards WERE issued in WW2 etc. so I didn't bother too much about chasing them as I am a one man band & doubt I could have supplied the quantity they'd have wanted.

Some of the other M6 scabbards on the repro M3's are too bad to even look at for more than a couple of seconds


I'd love to see some of the main knife makers from WW2 bring out a serious re-issue of some of their WW2 models.

Same knife but with a discrete marking somewhere to show it was 21stC not 20thC...Ek being one of the ones I'd like to see.

Most of the commemorative knives that come out seem to be aimed at the shadow-box market/collectors as they'll be inlaid with gold & have all sorts of designs etched on them.

A WW2 styled Randall Fighter would be a great piece of cutlery - the WW2 ones just seem to be more, er, I don't know - just MORE thumbsup.gif

Maybe the narrower tang or something - they just have a LOOK that is much more streamlined than their current Model 1...


I liked the WW2 Randall scabbards better than the current crop too & the coincidence of my having the same surname as English maker of them is good too!


Based this repro on the scabbard Gen. Gavin carried in Normandy (except I ran out of time to make a stone pocket - which not all WW2 scabbards had anyway) Carried it in Normandy for a week & kept getting told to take it off as it wasn't WW2 issue!!


At least the repro. Camillus M3 I have is a basic functional TOOL that will stand up to re-enactment or actual field use. It shows as being made to the correct specifiaction as a working knife = nothing to go wrong with that concept. (Mine went on the same outing to Normandy in one of my first Barwood M6's)


It'll be interesting to see what company brings out the next decent knife repro - just WISH that Ek would be the ones to do so....



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While not in my collection, I'm adding pictures of two more interesting Ek's. The first one is a "Professional Throwing Knife," made in Hamden. Usually sold in packs of three, Mr. Ek experimented with different designs. This is an early design; tips on later designs were shaped like arrow heads.














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Nice Post - very informative and interesting. I have always really liked the Eks, not because they are particularly utilitarian or easy to carry/use, but just because of the story behind them. Great American.


Attached pics of 2 in my collection. The #8 I picked up at a Baltimore Show a couple years ago from a guy selling a whole collection w original boxes. Couldn't afford the bunch (he was selling as a group), but I was able to pry away the 8 for a fraction of what I had seen them offered for elsewhere.


The other is a thrower. Only one I have ever seen for sale. Got it off eBay a few years back.








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Great information !!! THANKS !!! Tom

In memory of 798 Marine Raiders who were killed in action in World War II.

In memory of four U.S. Army Servicemans from 328th regiment , 26th infantry division.


WILLIAM Bereza KIA 12/24 1944


ALAN Milne KIA 4/8 1945


And when he gets to Heaven, Saint Peter he will tell: "Another Marine reporting, sir — I've served my time in Hell!"



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I just read this thread for the 1st time as someone brought it to the top . Great/informative thread and Gunbarrel did a beautiful job . Ive been collecting for over 30 years and I can say from my experience here on the west coast it is a rare occurance when one of these comes up for sale . I have 2 in my collection which are my favorite Ek models . Any details or comments are welcome . Oh , by the way , Ive had my model #6 way before the movie came out .

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