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Armored Cavalry Group 1930-50's

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I was out yard sailing one day and couldn't find a thing.


I'm in a small suburb of Harrisburg, Pa and drive by the fire house.


They are having a chicken dinner sale and all these men are around this big BarBQ.


I stop and walk up to them and ask " Did any of you serve overseas ? "


This one man gets right up into my face and says " Do you want a German helmet ? "


I am not lying. That is exactly how it went down and it took 3 or 4 visits to get it all.


His basement was so full of stuff that he had helmets screwed to the ceiling.


Tons of T.R. ( gone a long time ago ), a large collection of Tank ID models and this remnant.



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I'm amazed-you have this (collecting groups) down to a science. Thanks for sharing

Looking for: Fourth/ Seventh Rhode Island Infantry items

Purple Heart : Robert L. Freitag KIA ETO 2/11/45

Any US/German items with the last name "Freitag"

also, war-related posters


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