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Flak Vest, not familar with this one

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Looks like a Navy/Marine aircrew flak vest. Nice piece!

In memory of 1LT Julius C. Goldman, XO of F/330th, 83rd Infantry Division 1944-45.

Looking for ETO/MTO P-47 and Tactical Reconnaissance Unit photographs and any items associated with WWII Jewish fighter pilots.

Curator of Arms & Armor at the National Museum of the Marine Corps


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Is this one the flak jacket early Marine Korean War types, or is it strictly a Marine aviator item ? please may we see the tag in the flak jacket ?


I took a picture of the flak jacket tag. It is dated 1957 so it is after the Korean War. If this is the same type of flak jacket that I think it is, it would be early Vietnam War. Larry Burrows for Life Magazine took some intense photos in Vietnam of Yankee Papa 13. Incredible series of photographs. Very moving and feels like an invasion of privacy when you view the series of photographs. I believe the gunners name was Farley


Here is a link


Yankee Papa 13


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Thank's for the link hhc1stidf, I was familar with those photos, they do seem similar, but until now I always thought they were wearing the old Korean War Marine Corps Flak jackets in those photos, remembering how the Army chopper pilots and crewman in the late 50s up till the time the so called Chicken plate vest came out made due with the M52 Flak Jacket

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