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Individual Medical Pouches


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I posted these on the MCF forum but can't find the original photos so here are some updated ones:











RIA 1913 date on the inside of pouch.







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My "Long Pointed" Flap M1924 is made by Jeff QMD and dated 1942. For some reason its got the collecting "moniker" of Airborne as you see a lot of early 82nd and 101 troops with them in pictures. I dont think its strictly AIRBORNE but more of a general item and the long flap makes it easier to find and pull up to release the FAD in "combat".

What do you need another one of those for.....you have 6 of them already ?.........



my girlfriend to me on a regular basis as another piece of US WW2 "Green stuff" aka militaria arrives in the post..:-)







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General Apathy



Love all the good decent photos of the pouches, as there are a lot of WWI pouches on there, I thought I would show a white cotton rubberised version dated 1917, the black elastic band was on all of them, I had a pack of ten in orginal dated carton.


Young enough to care and enjoy militaria - Old enough to remember as surplus


" Life's too short for reproductions "



Life is like a tank of gas, the closer you get to a quarter tank, the faster it goes 




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Hey General, I wonder why they did issue that black rubber string on paper wrapped packet. Mine is a dec.1917 and since WWI it didn't see sunlight until the seller took it out its pouch for this pic. Too bad we didn't find the rubber band, if any.




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