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How to copyright a WWII image?

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I have a question , I made a leather patch some time ago , and recently saw an image of the same patch I made on the cover of an issue of "Air Classics" magazine, the image is of the patch and I'm not sure how they obtained it and I was not asked by anyone of the magazine for it to be used .......


Is this copyright infringement or if they took it off a site I posted it on is that copyright infringement ???????


The patch was of the 5th Emergency rescue Squadron , (see image ) and was on the cover and inside the issue of the magazine , April 2016 Vol52/No.4 page 64 . The Story is titled Sheperds of the North Sea,5th Emergency Rescue Squadron During WW II .



Thanks for any replies !!!!

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Try some research into the Fair Use Act, it's a clause written into the Copyright law. I believe if the item was filed for copyright protection and issued a certificate, there still are certain requirements that have to be met before any legal recourse could be taken against violator.



I personally do not post any images on the web that could be used by others for profit. Always remember to keep your high resolution images and only post lower quality watermarked images less than < 75 dpi so image thieves can't reuse them. The image watermark should read something like property of USMF as Bob has stated in previous post.




My Military collectibles website with Special Forces Gallery: https://rpjmilitaria.com



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