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Looking to Reunite WW2 KIA Medals

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I am searching for the following WW2 Medals. All of the men on this list are KIA. I have one or more medal(s) that belonged to each of these men, so I would like to find the medal(s) that are missing in order to complete the groupings. The list states the name of the soldier/airman/sailor - and the medal(s) that I am seeking. If you have something on this list please contact me. Thanks. Chester.


Medals Needed - Army

1) Earl B. Futch - Purple Heart.

2) Robert W. Keenan - Purple Heart.

3) Donald F. Lahr - Purple Heart.

4) Richard C. Lahr - Bronze Star & Purple Heart.

5) Francis D. Martini - Purple Heart.

6) Howard J. White - Purple Heart.


Medals Needed - Army Air Corps

1) Calvin C. Davis - Distinguished Flying Cross & Purple Heart.

2) Harold V. Denton - Purple Heart.

3) Merle G. Fear - Purple Heart.

4) Elmore L. Karr - Purple Heart.

5) Roy A. Larson - Purple Heart.

6) Frank A. Norris - Purple Heart & Air Medal.


Medals Needed - Navy

1) COX Forrest W. Crider USN - Purple Heart.

2) PM3C Harry S. Laponsie USN - Purple Heart.

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