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"Flying Legends 2012" photo-report. Pic heavy!!


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The weekend of June 30 / July 1 marked this year’s “Flying Legends” airshow, Europe’s premier vintage warbird-fest, held annually at the IWM’s Duxford site.

Once again, an unrivalled collection of piston-powered aircraft was assembled to delight and enthral the thousands of visitors from all over the UK and Europe beyond. The UK had been battered by unseasonal rainstorms in the week leading up to the event so everything which could be crossed was, in the hope that the weather gods would smile on the event thus enabling those multi-million £/$ warbirds to take to the air. Thankfully, the weather cleared, the sun shone and though it was slightly blustery the cloud ceiling was high enough for those big, beautiful birds to perform their aerobatic displays!


The list of participating aircraft is too long for me to record here, but suffice it to say that never before have so many airworthy Spitfires of all Marks been assembled in one place at the same time, WW2 excepted! Other eagerly awaited participants were newly airworthy “razorback” P-47 “Snafu” and, once again, the immaculate “Red Bull” P-38. Add to that a mixture of P-51s, F-4Us, various Curtis Hawks plus “Sally B” etc., and it’ll give you some idea of the scope of the airshow.


I did the flight-line walk quite early in the day. Unfortunately, the tarps had not yet been removed from some of the aircraft at that time but I don’t think it detracts too much from the pics. I’ll add captions as/when appropriate, otherwise the pics will speak for themselves.



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